Our Vision

Centurion Community Church of the Nazarene (3C Nazarene) was founded by Pastor Phumzile in June 2012. It fellowships at 133 Edison Crescent, Centurion. Its worship is distinctively African, anointed and professional.

3C Nazarene is registered as a Non Profit Organisation NPO number will be provided on request. Banking details are Standard Bank, cheque Account number 032 525 745, Centurion Mall Branch.

Our vision guides every aspect of what we do. It describes our reason for being. The reason we exist is so that we:

· Connect

· Convert

· Coach

· Commission


As 3C Nazarene members, our vision includes our connecting people in our network (family, friends, colleagues, neighbors’, etc.) with Jesus Christ and the 3C Nazarene family. We are that vital link that can give people hope. We are Connectors!

We also connect or have great relations with people within the 3C Nazarene family. 3C Nazarene is a community that enables people to realize their purpose, passions and talents in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. They are then encouraged to unleash them so as to bless humanity!


3C Naz is about enabling people to be converted into Christlike Disciples so they can make heaven their home. Men, women, youth and children should be converted into Christlike Disciples. No one should be left behind. People who are far from God should be brought near, be converted into Christlike followers. And then be converted into members of 3C Naz so that they may be coached into maturity in Christ and to be commissioned such that they connect people in their own network with Jesus Christ.


At 3C Nazarene, we coach people to reach their full potential in Christ Jesus. They learn to pray more, read the Word more and to identify their gifts and talents.

They learn in an environment of love, peace and encouragement. In a family setting, wherein everyone wants the best for everyone else.

We coach them to grow from baby Christians to mature Christians; to fulfil their God given purpose for life.

“For when David had served God’s purpose in his generation; he died.” Acts:13:36.


People at 3C Nazarene are provided the opportunity to serve God.

3C Naz creates the platform for people to serve God and their community. People are afforded the opportunity to pray for others, give to the poor, witness, teach, sing, visit the sick and much more.

This is done in an encouraging family atmosphere wherein it is easy to try, fail and do it again without being judged or condemned. The four main goals of 3C Naz are depicted below: