3C Nazarene

Welcome to 3C Nazarene

The place to meet God, in the Capital City.

We are a community: I feel you, you feel me. Your pain is my pain. Your success is my success. 

We are located at 133 Edison Crescent, Centurion. 

Our Sunday service is from 10:00am - 11:45am

Where we provide the BIG 5:

1. Powerful and yet practical life changing SERMONS

2. Relevant & engaging CHILDREN’s CHURCH

3. Anointed & Professional MUSIC

4. Life Changing TEACHINGS & FELLOWSHIP at Small Groups & Sunday School

5. Community Changing Ministries

1. Powerful Sermons

2. Children's Church

3. Music

4. Fellowship

5. We impact our Community

We meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community.